Impossible installation of Indy Help me

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Subject: Impossible installation of Indy Help me
Posted by:  X-FaKtOr (xfakt…
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002

Hello, I currently have in my possession C++ Builder version Entreprise 5
I decided to develop my network softwares using INDY.
I downloaded the last version on the site of INDY. Here is come the
the installation is failed when I execute the Fullc5.bat.The batch have
right has this error message:
"Compiler not installed!
I looked in the batch and I noted that it was the line suisvante which
caused Ca: "computil SetupC5" and which empeche the installation to be held
Could you help me please because it is very handicapping not to be able to
benefit from these components. Thank you very much.