Re: Impossible installation of Indy C++ Builder 5

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Subject: Re: Impossible installation of Indy C++ Builder 5
Posted by:  Nikola Radenkovic (nikola_radenkov…
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006

I have similar problem. I downloaded Indy 10, intending to use it with BCB
5... However, compilation did not work... not at all.

Fullc5.bat is broken - it expects to find files that are either not present
at all, or not present at locations where there are expected to be.

I used then Fullc6 with slight mods, but I cannot make the .LIB file - if I
specify that DCC32 should generate OBJ files, it craches somewhere in the
compilation process...

Teribble expirience, I must admit... I have dozens of VCL components, and
I've never had such troubles installing them...

Then I decided to go Indy 9 way... However, neither did that work correctly.
I had to build .LIB manually.

To make a resume, I would really be grateful if someone could provide
reliable Indy 10 installation (or link to it).

The UK mirror is down, and files on the other are heavily out of sync...

Yes, the library is free, which is good, but if one has to invest much
effort in compiling, it doesn't make too much sense at the end...

All the best,


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