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Subject: idFTP component
Posted by:  Bob Zirbel (bo…
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003

Hi all

I have an application (D5/Indy) that uses idFTP to download update files
from a web site.
This works fine for most clients but there are a few that cannot get it to
work.  These sites invariably have a firewall/proxy server and despite
changing settings, enabling FTP, etc, it still doesn't work, although their
anti-virus software seems to be able to work OK.

Also in these cases the client is unable to ping the web site, assuming this
is a valid test.

Is the idFTP component the correct one to use (is this type of thing what
anti-virus software uses?), and if so, is there any way to use the Internet
settings on a machine to set the idFTP's settings correctly?

Any help would be appreciated.