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Subject: ICS to Indy
Posted by:  Yahia El-Qasem (Yahia.El-Qas…@mgh.metro-ag.de)
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003

Hi !

I have several apps built with ICS ( esp. ftp and telnet client )...
I am considering to rewrite the ICS part to use Indy...
I use BCB 6 Ent and the component will be used in multithreaded EXE and

From reading some NG messages I hope to get the following problem solved by
this migration :

The current apps behave a bit problematic - it seems that they sometimes
hang in the message pump.
This happens much more often when used in a multithreaded app.
ICS is non-blocking / event-driven and seems to get more problems the faster
our LAN gets ( we are now at 1 GBit/s; end of next year we will go to 10
GBit/s ) and the more threads we use.
Indy is blocking and by design multithreading is part of it.

Have anyone experience with migration from ICS to Indy ?
Are the telnet and ftp client components very different ?

The changes would be central to our internal framework with no interface
changes so all the app logic would stay the same...
At least this is what I hope...

Can anyone give me some hints on such a migration effort ?