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Subject: Re: TCP Server/Client Q
Posted by:  LClark (LCla…
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003

Make sure you assign fixed IP addresses and subnet masks on both machines or
your host address in your client application will be wrong when you change
networks. All I can think of.
If you can PING obviously the network is not down.

L Clark

"J. Clarke" <jclar…@docstorsys.NOSPAMcom> wrote in message
> (W2K,D7)
> Ok, I have an Indy TCP Server & Client application that works great when
> on my regular network.  But I need to go demo the app someplace, so I got
> little 4 port hub.  I connected up both my PCs, signed in on both, changed
> the network properties so both machines were in the same workgroup.  Both
> machines can ping each other just fine.  I run my app & the client can't
> the server.  I get a "socket error 10050 network is down" error message
> they don't connect.
> I figure I'm missing something in my network settings but I'm not sure
> Any suggestions?
> Jeff


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