TCP Server/Client Q

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Subject: TCP Server/Client Q
Posted by:  J. Clarke (jclar…@docstorsys.NOSPAMcom)
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003


Ok, I have an Indy TCP Server & Client application that works great when I'm
on my regular network.  But I need to go demo the app someplace, so I got a
little 4 port hub.  I connected up both my PCs, signed in on both, changed
the network properties so both machines were in the same workgroup.  Both
machines can ping each other just fine.  I run my app & the client can't see
the server.  I get a "socket error 10050 network is down" error message and
they don't connect.

I figure I'm missing something in my network settings but I'm not sure what.
Any suggestions?