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Subject: SMTP Mail host name
Posted by:  Colin Coleman (
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003

We have D7-Pro with the Standard Indy components that come with it. We want
to "simply" send an email (With a Word Document Attached) to our office.

We are using MS Exchange and in the example we downloaded from the Indy web
site we can send mail when we enter the "SMTP hostname" as the name of our
server Say SERVER01...Fine This demo works on the server and all the client
machines connected to the network.

Now the problem:

How do we get it to work when the client machines (Notebooks) are offsite.
Is there a default SMTP host name we should use?. I imagined that it would
try and send the mail to the server immediately, but if it fails would place
it in the default mapi clients outbox?

All we get is an error saying "Socket Error #10061 Connection refused." if
we try as the SMTP servername, or also
gives the same error.

Problems get worse when the applications actually destination is actually to
be run on a Lotus Notes Domino system with remote clients. So when they
connect up from home back to the office via VPN the mail that I sent from
the app is forwarded on to the Domino server.

Should I be Using another Indy component to act as the mailserver ?