Re: TIdSMTP - reinitialize ?

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Subject: Re: TIdSMTP - reinitialize ?
Posted by:  Andrew Neillans (an…
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2003

> If I post mail when not connected, I get the dial-up dialog ... just what
> want ... but if I cancel, I then get a socket error 11001 ... that makes
> perfect sense too ... but if I try to post again, I no longer get the
> dial-up dialog and immediately get the 11001 error.  Is there way to
> reinitialize so that it'll always bring up the dial-up dialog if not
> connected ?

AFAIK this is OS specific, I assume you are using Windows 98, as this
exhibts the same behaviour.

You could try a RAS component, like TMagRas and control the dial up in your
program that way (what I normally do).



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TIdSMTP - reinitialize ? posted by Andrew Jameson on Sun, 6 Jul 2003