Re: How EMule servers do it ?

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Subject: Re: How EMule servers do it ?
Posted by:  Sergio Perry (perc…
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003

> I downloaded a program called eMule and it connect to some hubs and
> downloads server lists.

If it's the one I've heard about, then it's a peer2peer client.

As I understand it, it first connects to some pre-specified server Z and
kind of "registers" itself and retrieves the server list [a file stored on
the server (Z)].
Each client is also a server - so a peer2peer network is created, in which
files can be shared, without the need of a central server (Z).

and yes, it is possible  - because the server Z does not actually have
100.000 clients connected, but it uses the file mentioned above to recognize
"registered" clients in the network - which simply contact the server once
and then disconnect.

so when a file search is perfomed, for example, the client uses the server
list to find the closest peer to connect to and "ask" for the file. it then
goes through the whole list, making connections to all other clients. The
kind of protocol used is something similar to HTTP (minimal).


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