9.0.14 in BCB - Return of the winsock nightmare

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Subject: 9.0.14 in BCB - Return of the winsock nightmare
Posted by:  Clayton Arends (nospam_claytonarends@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003


Has anyone successfully used Indy 9.0.14 in BCB?  I upgraded from ver 11 to
ver 14 today and now when I compile a project (new or old, doesn't matter)
that uses Indy I receive the old "fd_set redeclared", Winsock vs winsock2

Of course, when I upgraded I removed all remnants of Indy before compiling
the new source.  When I remove the ver 14 files and go back to ver 11 then
my Indy projects compile fine again.

Just to clarify, there is no problem compiling the indy60 package.  The
error messages happen during compiling a project that makes use of any
component in indy60.  I also tried to upgrade to ver 13 and it has the same
problem.  So something changed between 11 and 13 that breaks BCB support
(for me at least).

Can someone verify this?

- Clayton