Re: 9.0.14 in BCB - Return of the winsock nightmare

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Subject: Re: 9.0.14 in BCB - Return of the winsock nightmare
Posted by:  Clayton Arends (
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003

I believe I have figured out what is causing this.  In all of my projects I
add the following define to the project's "Conditional defines":


The use of this is mandatory to circumnavigate some compiler issues
regarding "shlobj.h".  While it's not necessary in all projects I have taken
to the habit of adding it to the default project to avoid the potential
compiler errors.

Well, as I have been grasping at straws, I removed this define from my small
test project.  I built the app with no problems using Indy 9.0.14.
Something about the 9.0.13 (and in turn 9.0.14) changed so that it now
breaks support for the above mentioned define.

While it is simple for me to remove the define from my projects that use
Indy I believe it is not a step I should have to take.  Especially if I have
a project that uses both Win32 Shell API and Indy.  (There are ways around
this but, yadda yadda ;) )

I have verified this using my machine a new install on a machine that has
never had BCB6 installed before today.  I am pretty confident that this is
the problem, though it never hurts to have the community verify.  So, can
someone please verify that adding the define to a test project breaks the
compile using Indy 9.0.13 or 9.0.14?

- Clayton


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