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Subject: Re: Windows NT user authentication
Posted by:  Dan Bragg (
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003

"Dan Bragg" <> wrote in message
> In attempting to validate a username/password pair against Windows NT,
> should we use TIndySSPINTLMClient, or TSSPIWinNTCredentials (or yet some
> other object class)?  Is there anything resembling a demo or specific help
> in doing Windows user authentication using Indy objects?  If there is a
> better forum for this type of question, please redirect me...
> Thank you so much in advance,
> Daniel Bragg

OK, if I am way off base here, could someone please explain?  I have been
working with the secur32.dll, and in trying to figure out which return
result from AcceptSecurityContext returns -90301, I found my answer in the
Indy help documentation, which led me
to believe that the IdAuthenticationSSPI unit could be somehow used to
interface to the secur32.dll.  If I am wrong, could someone please tell me
before I spend way too much time barking up a wrong tree.  I'm hoping that
this exists within the Indy framework, because I have heard so much good
coming out of Indy.

Thank you so very much,

Daniel Bragg



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