Indy 8.0.25 / 9.0.14

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Subject: Indy 8.0.25 / 9.0.14
Posted by:  Yahia El-Qasem (Yahia.El-Qas…
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003

Hi :-)

We want to test out / perhaps migrate to Indy with some telnet / ftp client
multithreaded apps we have been running long time with ICS...

Can someone give me hints on the difference between Indy 8.0.25 vs. 9.0.14
in respect of robustness / performance / interface changes ( i.e. if we test
with Indy 8.0.25 and go later to 9.0.14 is there alot to be changed ? ) ?

Since 8.0.25 is the version included in BCB 6 Ent it would be nice to first
give it try and later upgrade to 9.0.14 - but this only makes sense if the
code changes from 8.0.25 to 9.0.14 are small. Otherwise I would just start
with 9.0.14...

Thanks in advance