Win95 and Indy 9+: Quiet Update?

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Subject: Win95 and Indy 9+: Quiet Update?
Posted by:  Scott Bussinger (scot…
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003

I'd like to upgrade to Indy 9 (and eventually 10) from the Indy 8 that
I'm using now, but I've got many users with older Win95 machines. I have
a facility to automatically download patches as necessary and I can have
them download the required Windows Sockets 2 update, but I can't seem to
get it to install quietly.

Has anyone found a way to run the w95ws2setup.exe program without having
it stop and require the user to hit OK to continue? I've run it with /Q
and /Q:1 which are the only documented switches and neither skip the
final message box.

I have no problem handling the reboot but if they have to hit the OK
button, it'll generate a hundred or more phone support calls because
they won't understand what it says (we have a very non-techy user base).

Surely someone has figured out a good way to make the instsllation
quiet. I've searched Google and found lots of people asking the same
question, but no solutions. Has anyone tried any trickier solutions like
sending a WM_CLOSE message to the installer after some time delay?

Be seeing you.