UDP server with default binding

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Subject: UDP server with default binding
Posted by:  Frank Shearar (frank.shear…@rnid.org.uk)
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003

This may just be a stupid question, so feel free to tell me to RTFM or

I'm writing a SIP stack, and so must support UDP as a transport layer.

In my tests I send a UDP packet from to my UDP server (a
descendant of TIdUDPDServer, of course). In my (overriding) DoUDPRead, when
I inspect ABinding.IP I see ''. I was expecting a value of
''. (For extra detail, I call inherited right in the beginning of
the method.

If I change the binding of the server to only listen on then all
is well and good, and ABinding.IP is the expected ''.

What gives?

By comparison, my TCP server, also listening on all interfaces, has the
correct IP in its AThread.Connection.Socket.Binding.IP in my (overriding)