Indy 9.00.14 / Delphi 7 Telnet client disconnect problem

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Subject: Indy 9.00.14 / Delphi 7 Telnet client disconnect problem
Posted by:  Adrian (Adri…
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003

I'm using the Indy telnet client to send a reboot command to a remote
linux box running the telnet server.

This means that the remote side disconnects the telnet session almost
at once after receiving the text "reboot".

My program does nothing to disconnect, since the other side has
already done so.

This all worked fine with an older version of Indy (the orginal
version that came with Delphi 7).
Now I installed 9.00.14 and have the following probblem:

When I run the program in Delphi, ending the program doesn't work. It
seems gone but I have to use the Delphi "Program Reset" option to
really  return to Delphi.

When I run the program directly, not under Delphi, The program seems
to end ok. But if look with the windows taskmanager (b.t.w. i'm
running XP Pro), I'm still seeing my program. Not on the
'applications' tab, there it is gone, but it's still there under
Multiple tests results in multiple hanging processes shown under

Does anybody have a solution for this problem?