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Subject: Re: Email proggy using INDY...
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (gambit…
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003

"Lars" <La…@MagikaStudios.Com> wrote in message

> Obviously you would want to store your emails in
> a database, inbox table, outbox table etc...

That is a design issue.  You don't have to use a database if you don't want
to.  The point is that Indy doesn't care where you store your data, just as
long as you can get back to it when needed.

> Which database is most commonly used among today's email programs?

There is no common database used.  Those programs that do use a database use
a different engine from each other.  Some even implement their own from

> I would like something which uses the SQL language, has free
> BCB 6.0 components, and does not require the installation of
> any database tools to work.

You just contradicted yourself.  Anything that uses SQL is usually going to
require installing an actual database engine, whether that be BDE,
Interbase, or custom.  SQL is too complex to implement in a standalone
engine.  You can go to popular sites such as,, etc. to see what kinds of third-party
solutions are actually available, however.


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