TIdMappedPortTCP Question

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Subject: TIdMappedPortTCP Question
Posted by:  Mike B (nospam@faribonet.net)
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003


I've been using the TIdMappedPortTCP component in Indy 9.0.14 which works

The time has come for my Delphi 7 application to support multiple mapped
ports that the user can configure.  For example the user would select add a
server and I would like to dynamically create a TIdMappedPortTCP component
on the fly.  The issue that confuses me is how do I create multiple
TIdMappedPortTCP on the fly, taking in to consideration there could be any
number created depending on what the user wants to do.  For example the user
would select "Add a new server" and would be asked what IP and PORT to
listen on and what destination IP and PORT and they could do this over and
over for different IP's and/or ports.  I'm also only using two event
OnConnect/OnDisconnect and would like all the instances of TIdMappedPortTCP
to use the same event handlers if possible.

This is new territory for me, be gentle... :)