Re: Indy and it's secret BUGS !!

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Subject: Re: Indy and it's secret BUGS !!
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (gambit…
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003

"Googie" <melindabell…> wrote in message

> I don't want to argue with anybody but i can't stop myself to
> tell these things.. In Borland newsgroups there is a lots of
> topics about Indy's problems.. Most of them didn't replied
> by Indy Team, because these problems keeping secret !!

There is nothing secret about Indy.  It is open-source, its entire code base
is readily available to the general public.  And Indy monitors these groups
regularly, as well as has its own mailing list and newsgroups.  If you find
a problem, report it.  If nobody responds, you're more than free to fix it
yourself and submit the fix to Indy.

> For example a couple of them are below.. I want to know
> why they don't examine if it's a real bug or not and if so why
> they don't fix the problems ??

Probably because such reports do not include enough information to reproduce
the problems in the first place so that they can be traced and thus
addressed properly.  Always alays always include as much information as you
can, including actual code that reliably reproduce the problems.

> If it'll continue like this, Indy will lose the confidence of
> their users..

Hardly.  Indy is a very respectible library maintained by people who DO
respond to issues and address them as much as possible.


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