How to have server send to multiple clients?

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Subject: How to have server send to multiple clients?
Posted by:  John Herbster (TeamB) (
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003

First, I should mention that I am new to Indy, but have just read the

We have a TCP server that sends out a line of data to from zero to three
receiver clients.

I need to replace the receiver's client code that used the (now
obsolete) TClientSocket that came with D5.  It was used in a
non-blocking mode with the data reception happening in its OnRead event
using its function ReceiveText.

What would be the most straight-forward Indy solution to this client
problem be?

And I need to create a new TCP server that can spit out the same line of
data to each of a few clients every half second or so.  The clients will
not be sending anything to the server, except the request for a

What do you recommend for this server?  Should I use a thread for each
connected client?

TIA, JohnH