Re: How to have server send to multiple clients?

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Subject: Re: How to have server send to multiple clients?
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (gambit…
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003

"John Herbster (TeamB)" <> wrote in message

> What would be the most straight-forward Indy solution
> to this client problem be?

Using a TIdTCPClient, call ReadLn() in a separate thread.  Otherwise, call
IOHandler.Readable() in a timer and then call ReadLn() if Readable() returns
true.  Either way, when the data eventually comes through, you can pass the
string to your previous handling code as before.

> And I need to create a new TCP server that can spit out the
> same line of data to each of a few clients every half second or so.

You do not need to spawn multiple servers for that.  A single server can
service multiple clients at a time, and when broadcasting a data packet to
multiple clients, simple loop through the available client connections
sending the data to each one.  TIdTCPServer has a Threads property for
accesing the individual connections.

> What do you recommend for this server?  Should I use a
> thread for each connected client?

Indy servers already do that anyway.


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