Re: IdPOP3Server losing messages :-(

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Subject: Re: IdPOP3Server losing messages :-(
Posted by:  Paul Kuczora (ne…
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003

Just tried it on another mailbox.

15 messages arrived - only 13 got served to the mail client. All 15 were
deleted afterwards.

It was the *first* two messages that didn't get through by the look of it.

When I get back from Poland I'll stub in some serious logging code and try
to see what's happening.

Anyone know of a stable commercial POP3 server based on Indy code that I can

"Paul Kuczora" <ne…> wrote in message
> Hi,
> Nightmare scenario time :-(
> I've been using IdPOP3Server "welded" to a custom IdPOP3 derivative - when
> mail is requested, the POP3 client is called within CheckUser, de-spams
> mail and downloads any valid messages to local storage.
> This has been working fine for months.
> Suddenly, messages aren't arriving at the final mail client reliably.
> Usually it works fine, but sometime messages aren't being served -
> thing is that sometimes *all* messages fail to arrive, sometimes only
> get lost.
> I've added a complete nested "rollback" feature by making duplicate copies
> of all messages in local storage as they arrive, and always get a complete
> set of messages so they are arriving on my machine OK.
> Local storage is simple - message.1, message.2 and so on in a separate
> folder for each mailbox. On STAT or LIST I just check for existence of
> message.1 and so on until file not found. Messages are marked for deletion
> by creating a file called message.del and adding in the message filename
> DELE. On QUIT any files listed in message.del are deleted, followed by the
> .del file itself.
> I can watch this all happening (files appearing and disappearing) as mail
> downloaded. Indy throws no exceptions, Eudora reports no errors, nor does
> McAfee A-V.
> It just happened on my key mailbox with just 1 message in it - never
> in Eudora. The file message.1_ was there tho' (the backup copy). I rolled
> that back (so it got renamed to message.1) and checked mail again - it
> arrived fine!
> Worse thing is, I swear that I haven't changed that part of the code for
> months, except in my attempts to fix things since the problem showed up
> I noticed that the app's log file had got to 12Mb, and it gets loaded and
> saved back out on each mailcheck, so I thought that I'd found the problem,
> but emptying that didn't fix things.
> I'm off to drown my sorrows at a Polish wedding for a week,
> help.......................!!
> FYI the app is currently single-threaded and uses AntiFreeze. I only ever
> check one mailbox at a time.
> BTW - how do you get IdLogFile to work? I dropped one on my main form, set
> it to Active in the IDE and pointed the filename property to an empty text
> file, but nothing shows up.
> Paul Kuczora.


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IdPOP3Server losing messages :-( posted by Paul Kuczora on Thu, 11 Sep 2003