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Subject: No execute handler found
Posted by:  John Herbster (
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003

I have a TIdTCPClient connected to a TIdTCPServer.
The server drops the connection.  I think that I am
forgetting to do something in the server.

Here is from my log of server program:
  Server: No execute handler found.

Here is from my log of the client program.
  Connected successfully.
  Connection Closed Gracefully.
  Unexpected turn off

Here is how I open the receiver (client):

  IdTCPClient1.Host := Host_e.Text;
  IdTCPClient1.Port := StrToInt(Port_e.Text);
  If IdTCPClient1.Connected
    then LogExceptions('Connected successfully.');

Here is a bit of code from the client's timer event used to
check for a connection before it checks for data
available to read:

  If not IdTCPClient1.Connected
    then begin
      LogExceptions('Unexpected turn off');
      Active_ck.Checked := false;

From the log that the client turns itself off *before*
the code immediately above executes.

Thanks for any suggestions.  Regards, JohnH