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Subject: Re: IdMessage subject Encoding
Posted by:  Dmitry Mikhilov (d…
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003

There are many issues with Indy 9 concerning proper handling of cyrillic
encodings, not limited to subject encoding. You got to substantially patch
Indy sources to handle them.


"Alexander Fatykhov" <hightow…> wrote:
> Hello, All!
> Is it possible to change message subject encoding?
> e.g. I've multipart message (1 text part and several attachments), I set
>  IdMessage->ContentTransferEncoding = "8bit";
>  IdMessage->ContentType = "Windows-1251";
>  IdMessage->CharSet = "text/plain";
>  IdMessage->Subject = @Subject in russian
>  TIdAttachment *a = new TIdAttachment(IdMessage->MessageParts, "file
> name");
>  TIdText *idText = new TIdText(IdMessage->MessageParts, slBody);
> and after sending I have in headers: (why ISO-8859-1 and how to change
> it???)


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