TidMessage does not parse BCC header

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Subject: TidMessage does not parse BCC header
Posted by:  Luigi D. Sandon (…@sandon.it)
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003

It looks like TidMessage does not parse the BCC header field when a message
is loaded, therefore the BCC collection is always empty. (Indy 9.0.14, this
bug is in today snapshot too).

When a message is received usually BCC field is empty but:

1) A message stored locally as a "sent item copy" may, and usually has the
BCC field filled, and a user usually wants to see all of his messages

2) As per rfc 822, a mailer may fill the BCC field in all messages sent to
BCC address:

"4.5.3. BCC / RESENT-BCC
This field contains the identity of additional recipients of
the message. The contents of this field are not included in
copies of the message sent to the primary and secondary recipients.
Some systems may choose to include the text of the
"Bcc" field only in the author(s)'s copy, while others may
also include it in the text sent to all those indicated in the
"Bcc" list."

I think is just a matter of adding a line in ParseHeader, will try soon.

Luigi D. Sandon