idFTP connection refused

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Subject: idFTP connection refused
Posted by:  Marc Pelletier (
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003


I don't know which is the best group to post for idftp, so here goes...

I have a simple app which connects to a warftp server and downloads what it
finds there. The server is on my development machine. The application works
perfectly (!) on my machine, but from any other machine I get a connection
refused exception.

My application doesn't use packages, so all I did was copy the executable
across. Regular ftp clients can connect to the server using the same
account, so it isn't a firewall or networking issue.

I know that warftp does some things differently. I had to set the passive
mode to true to make the connection initially.

I am sure I've missed something obvious. Please advise.


Marc Pelletier
Goldak exploration