Indy 10 SuperCore Results

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Subject: Indy 10 SuperCore Results
Posted by:  Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu (cp…
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003

Im just starting on very preliminary tests. But std thread model (Indy 9)
versus the new supercore with fibers and IOCP.... mind you literally NO
optimization has been done on it yet... and im testing with 5-30 client
threads each full speed pounding the server. Will test bigger amounts later
with multiple machines.

Using 5 threads running for 30 seconds (Client)

Server with normal threads. Continuous connect, not reconnect so pooling
does not come into play here.
399 per second per thread.

SAME server. SAME code, but with different schdeuler (Fiber) and IOHandler
(IOCP). Running on ONE THREAD.
639 per second per thread.

And used 50% of the CPU the threaded one did during its run.
Pretty impressive - but more impressive is that we have not done
optimizations yet, and that the connect area is a bottleneck right now, and
always a bit in the overhead.

What are the requests? Its a demo I built - doestn matter right now. The
comparisons do. ;)

I should also mention that these are the FIRST actualy measurements we have
performed. Till now its ALL been implementation - just making it work.

Windows XP Pro. Client and server on same machine for this test.