Re: Installing Indy 9 in Delphi 6

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Subject: Re: Installing Indy 9 in Delphi 6
Posted by:  dave (davewrNOSP…
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003

Forgot to mention - don't forget to look in the c:\winnt directories -
copies get installed there... Forget exactly where  - just search for
ind* etc...

Paul wrote:

> Hi
> I am having trouble installing Indy 9 in D6 up2.
> I cannot use the Delphi install program to remove the old version because it
> will mess up loads of other things.  So..  I have unistalled the package,
> deleted the indy files in projects\bpl and lib\debug.
> I have unzipped the new files into a direcory and put its source
> subdirectory into the library path as the first entry.
> I have opened and compiled Indy60.dpk
> At some point I got a message about removing AntiFreeze, I clicked OK
> When I compile dclIndy60.dpk I get the following warning
> [Warning] Unit 'IdAntiFreeze' implicitly imported into package 'dclIndy60'
> When I try and install it I get 'The procedure entry point
> @Idresourcestrings@_RSBindingAny could not be located in the dynamic link
> library Indy60.bpl'.  Followed by 'Cant load the package
> ...\bpl\dclIndy60.bpl. The specified procedure could not be found'.
> Any help greatly appreciated - I'm now Indyless :-(
> Regards
> Paul



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