SMPT Socket error #0

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Subject: SMPT Socket error #0
Posted by:  Paul (paulho…
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003


I have set up a simple email facility from within my code (Delphi 6 up2,
Win2k pro sp3).  I set the HostName, Port and Message contents
(AuthenticationType is atNone).  OnStatus,OnConnected and OnDisconnected
are procedures which put text on  a statusbar.

When I run it it connects, then hangs on 'Encoding Attachment', then gives
Socket error #0.  (Indy V8 gave Socket error # 10054 Disconnected by peer).

If I run the program on an XP machine on the same network with the same
settings it works fine.

Any ideas?  How can I debug/investigate this?