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Subject: Re: Indy and NTLM proxy
Posted by:  Henk van Hoek (
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003

Hello Theo,

I have it working. Both basic authentication and NTLM is working fine.
I use the latest (checked out today) indy 9 stuff.

The following properties are needed:
HTTPOptions.hoInProcessAuth := True;

And indeed the IdAuthencticationSSPI unit referenced.

There is not much more to do to get it working.

Henk van Hoek

"Theo Carr-Brion" <theo.carrbriā€¦> wrote in message
> It seams this is a frequently asked question but I can't find any answers
> that work. Can I use Indy with a Microsoft ISA proxy that uses NTLM
> authentication?
> I have been told to use IdAuthenticationSSPI and have tried various code
> samples and bug fixes to IdAuthenticationSSPI but they do not work for me.
> Is there anyone who has got it working?
> Theo Carr-Brion


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