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Subject: Re: Problems with 9..14 install
Posted by:  Robert Byers (rbye…
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003

OK, this may be caused by the the project settings as Clayton Arends says.
For whatever reason, windows.h has a code block with winsock.h activated.  I
"solved" my problem, at least temporarily, by changing windows.h to
reference winsock2.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Bob Byers

"Robert Byers" <rbye…> wrote in message
> I, unfortunately, tried to upgrade from indy 9...10 to 9..14 for reasons
> that I can't explain.  I thought I had followed all of the rules, but my
> formerly working program is now trying to access both winsock and winsock
> and claiming lots of duplicate declarations.  Since I don't call winsock
> directly, are there any ideas as to why I'm having these problems?  The
> components I'm using are IdSMTP, IdMessage, IdPOP3, and IdAntiFreeze in
> BCB6.
> Thanks in advance for any light you can shed.
> Bob Byers



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