What's it with Indy and ZoneAlarm?

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Subject: What's it with Indy and ZoneAlarm?
Posted by:  Marcus Mönnig (dial…@40tude.com)
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003


I recently updated to 9.0.14 and with the new built of the application my
users using ZoneAlarm report freezes. I am using TIdPOP3, TIdSMTP and
TIdNNTP from worker threads in my application.

Searching for "ZoneAlarm freeze*" at Google gives enough hits to blame
ZoneAlarm without further investigation, but giving the advise to turn off
the firewall is nothing a potential customer might want to hear.
"I don't have problems with other programs and ZA." is one answer I get...

I'd love to code around the problem in ZA, but I have no idea how.

Does anyone know what the problem is that makes client apps freeze when SA
is used?
I don't remember which version I was using before 9.0.14. I still have the
old files, but I find no version number in them. It was a previous 9.0.x
version. I wonder if the fact that the problem arouse after updating to
9.0.14 could give a hint what ZA doesn't like by looking at the changes in
the source code.

Thanks for your help,

This posting was typed in front of a large studio audience.