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Subject: Re: Indy 10
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003

"Marcello Scala" <msca…> wrote in message

> Will be supported C++ Builder 6?

Yes and No.  The main portions of it, yes.  However, there is one piece,
named SuperCore, which contains advanced features, such as support for
Fibers and IOCP, which currently only supports Delphi 7 due to limitations
in BCB's VCL.  That one piece of Indy can't target BCB at all right now.
The rest of Indy will work fine, though.  I personally will actually be
looking into the matter to try to get SuperCore to work under BCB6
specifically, so that at least 1 version of BCB can use SuperCore as well.
Such advanced features should not be confined to Delphi only.

> When is available a first final and stable release?

That is yet to be determined, but it will probably be after the first of the
year.  Indy 10 is currently in flux while .NET support is implemented.  That
code should be stablized by early December.  Then the rest of Indy can be
cleaned up and finalized in general.



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