newbie is mising tIdFTP

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Subject: newbie is mising tIdFTP
Posted by:  Ray Tayek (
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003

hi, i am looking at a bunch of projects (that I inherited) that use
IdFTP. i have no experience with borland's products or Delphi and am
using c++ builder 5. gettng some missing some include files like:

#include "IdBaseComponent.hpp"
#include "IdComponent.hpp"
#include "IdFTP.hpp"

and the compiler complains about TIdFTP not being defined (see sample
connect.h file below).

lots of other tform stuff works fine.

anaict, i need a version of indy that is compatible with builder 5.

grepping around for indy gets some hits in help files, but i can not
find indy in the index. grepping for TIsFTP gets no hits.

how do i tell if i tell if i have it?

how do i get it if i need it?

how do i hook it up so that borland will use it?

Any pointers will be appreciated.



#ifndef ConnectH
#define ConnectH
#include <Classes.hpp>
#include <Controls.hpp>
#include <StdCtrls.hpp>
#include <Forms.hpp>
#include <ExtCtrls.hpp>
#include <ScktComp.hpp>
#include "IdBaseComponent.hpp"
#include "IdComponent.hpp"
#include "IdFTP.hpp"
#include "IdTCPClient.hpp"
#include "IdTCPConnection.hpp"
class TfrmConnect : public TForm
__published:    // IDE-managed Components
    TBevel *Bevel1;
    TLabel *Label1;
    TButton *Button1;
    TClientSocket *Client;
    TIdFTP *Ftp;
    void __fastcall Button1Click(TObject *Sender);
    void __fastcall ClientError(TObject *Sender, TCustomWinSocket *Socket,
          TErrorEvent ErrorEvent, int &ErrorCode);
    void __fastcall ClientConnect(TObject *Sender,
          TCustomWinSocket *Socket);
    void __fastcall ClientRead(TObject *Sender, TCustomWinSocket *Socket);
    void __fastcall ClientDisconnect(TObject *Sender,
          TCustomWinSocket *Socket);
private:    // User declarations
public:        // User declarations
    __fastcall TfrmConnect(TComponent* Owner);
    bool PlayForFun;

    float  AmountInUserAcc;    // amount in user account will get from
    int Attempt,    // Current attempt number
        MaxAttempt; // maximum time it should attempt to get connected
to server

    AnsiString ServerIP;    // IP address of the server
    int ServerPort;        // port of the server
    AnsiString UserName,    // user name by which the user will be able
to log
                            // in to the Game server
                Password;    // password by which user will log the Game

    void __fastcall CheckTurn(void);
    void GetAnotherIP(void);
    int IPFileNo;
extern PACKAGE TfrmConnect *frmConnect;