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Subject: Build telnet server
Posted by:  Stephan Leiwering (steph…
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003


I have some idea in mind and would like to know whether somebody out there
has already done it before: I would like to build a TelNet-Server that
implments a certain user interface.
We are talking about a server program that users can log into and get more
or less nice looking screen where they can enter a and an artile
code, or even scan a barcode. The server then should take the data and do a
bit of processing and feedback to the user.
I have looked into the Indy components and basically the functionality seems
to be available, but I do not want the screen to look like a command line
application (like the WIndows ftp client).
How about the different telnet standards? How baout positioning the cursr to
a certain screen position.
Any feedback is highly apprecited.

Thanks in advance,