Re: IdIcmpClient problem with NT4

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Subject: Re: IdIcmpClient problem with NT4
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003

"Kay Kirchhoefer" <nobo…> wrote in message

> What could be the problem ?

Did you read the documentation for TIdIcmpClient?  It says the following:

    "Note: For Windows NT, and Windows 2000, administrator privileges are
required to allow TIdICMPClient.Ping to work properly. The command line PING
application does not exhibit this behavior because Microsoft chose to use
undocumented calls in ICMP.DLL and its winsock implementation to get around
the issue. In short: they cheated. Indy does not use ICMP.DLL to maintain
Linux compatibility, and allow use of both Raw sockets and ICMP sockets."

In the case of NT, the following article explains how to turn off the

    PRB: RAW Socket Access Denied to Non-Admin Windows NT 4.0 and Windows
2000 Users;en-us;195445

In the case of Win2K, there is no way to bypass that restriction, sorry.

If that does not suit your needs, then you will just have to forget about
using TIdIcmpClient and use Microsoft's undocumented Icmp.dll instead.




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