tidpop3 timeout

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Subject: tidpop3 timeout
Posted by:  Mark Di Nicola (don…@emailback.com)
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003

this is going to be vague but i'm not sure where to start looking...i use
tidpop3 in one of my programs to check emails (obviously). when the
connection to the server times out while connecting or while trying to
connect i don't get an exception and the program will just sit there trying
to connect.

there have been occasions where i've stepped through the code and been lucky
enough that it has problems connecting and i can leave it overnight and its
still at the same line of code in the morning trying to connect and there
aren't any errors. code is simple and is as follows

      try {
          if (!Main_Form->Pop3->Connected())
      } catch (Exception &E) {

does anyone else experience similar problems? is there any way to specify a

i'm using bcb6 update 4 on win98se but this happens on all versions of
windows (haven't tried 95).