Re: Indy 10 CVS and BCB 6

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Subject: Re: Indy 10 CVS and BCB 6
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003

"Ken Walker" <kwal…> wrote in message

>    I've downloaded Indy 10 from CVS and can't get it to
> compile under BCB 6. Is the CVS stable enough to do that
> right now?

Indy is not stable under BCB at the moment, no.

> or is there a previous version that is stable and will compile under 6?

Look at Indy 9 instead.  10 doesn't work yet, and there are no previous
versions of 10 available (that I know of).

>    Maybe the problem is I'm just not trying to compile it correctly.
> After download, I goto the source directory and into the win32
> directory. I see the fullc6.bat file but things don't run correctly
> located in that directory.

You can't run it from that directory.  You need to move it into the Source
folder and run it from there instead.  It will get you further, but there
are still compiler errors in regards to the actual code.




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