Adding IdGlobal to uses clause => Exception on close

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Subject: Adding IdGlobal to uses clause => Exception on close
Posted by:  Florian Teichert (floteich…
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003

Hi everybody,

I do have a strange problem, just adding e.g. IdGlobal to the uses
clause of my app causes EAccessViolation when I close it?!?

My app uses various 3rd party components (RXLib, Jedi, self-made) no
problems so far.
Adding Indy units/components (at least those that are using IdGlobal) to
any of my units/forms cause the error.

Debugging with Debug-DCUs reveals: EAccessViolation is thrown in (procedure DeleteFree - last but two lines " n.prev := p;")
which is called by SYSTEM unit (procedure FinalizeUnits in line

Do you have any guesses? I do not execute any new code! (except
initialization/finalization clauses of referenced indy units).

Thanks for your help

(I'm using Delphi6 UpdatePack 2 on Windows XP-SP1 machine, Indy
Components version 9)

If this is not the proper ng for this question, please give me a sign!