Different System.RTLVersion

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Subject: Different System.RTLVersion
Posted by:  Malcolm (malcolm@spam.will.bounce)
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2003

Delphi 6 Pro, SP2 and Indy 9.0.14

Got it installed and running fine on my desktop, but ...
... on my laptop with same setup I am getting a project compile error:
    "Unit IdGlobal was compiled with a different version of

I have  removed Indy twice, searched for and zapped every Indy file,
including in Windows\System32 and re-installed per .pdf FAQ

I have compared the delphi rtl file versions/dates/times on both
machines and can't see any differences :o(

I found a few references to this error with Google, but no solutions

Does anyone know the cause of this error - or better still, the cure?