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Subject: Re: SuperCore release
Posted by:  Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu (cp…
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004

"Jurgen Simons" <jsimo…> wrote in
> When will the final version of SuperCore be released? Will it be before
> July?

Its hard to say, but yes I hope so. SuperCore has not been optimized yet, but
its already a LOT faster and a lot more scalable. Its also pretty stable
under the loads (very heavy) that I have put it under.

> I want to use the SuperCore because of fibers. How many connections can be
> made with fibers (or what is the target)?

Its only limited by memory.

> How stable is the current beta version of SuperCore? Where can I download a
> betaversion of it?

Its in the dev snapshot.



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