Firewall Settings - Indy 9.00.10 - Delphi 7 - EP 2

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Subject: Firewall Settings - Indy 9.00.10 - Delphi 7 - EP 2
Posted by:  Marco Gesiot (mar…
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004

Client and Server comunicating via TCP-IP vit Indy components
I'm trying to set up correctly the server firewall so that I don't have to
open all ports to make the system work.
At this time the only way to make the system work is to
open ALL ports from internet to the server, otherwise no connection
can be establiched

Ok, after a lot of checking and trying I installed
a software on my client machine called "Active Ports"
(free and powerfull) and it reports that I have a connection
with the server with the following details:

Local Port: 9030
RemotePort: 9010

This is fine, I configured the firewall to accept connection on 9010-9030
ports both local and remote.

Now I start the firewall monitor and I see the same connection, BUT the
client port seems to be 1026 !!!!

The client is behind a software firewall (Symantech) but since everything
when I open the Server firewall this doesn't seem to be the problem.
Also the client is not connected directly to internet but it is
connected via lan to another PC (Win2000) witch shares the ADSL connection.

Now the 2 things I don't understand are:

1) Why is the reported client port 1026 on the server ?
2) How can I know the client ports ranges that will appear on the server
so that I can configure the Server Firewall ?

Please Note:
The client connection code goes like this:

with IdTCPClient do begin
        BoundPortMin := 9010;
        BoundPortMax := 9030;
        Host := dmRapi.G3ServerIp;
        Port := dmRapi.9011
            on E : Exception do begin


Thanks for time and support