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Subject: Proxy
Posted by:  dumb (sitemast…
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004


I've developed simple proxy using TIdTCPMapping component that listen on 25
port and then redirect the request to mail server port (2525). The proxy
watches the client/server conversation and await DATA command, then it
interceipt the message content, adds some custom text to the bottom and pass
to mail server. But this metod has one big disadvantage: it hides real
sender IP from mail server, and therefor many mail server features, based on
sender IP, become useless. I know this is the way all proxies works, but ...
nevertheless ... how can I provide mail server with original sender IP? I
believe this is the right place to ask, because many many Winsock
professionals living on this newsgroup, and I'm sure this theme will be
interesting to many other programmers. Can be LSP be usefull in this case?
Any sugesstions are appreciated.