Indy 9 Library Path Question

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Subject: Indy 9 Library Path Question
Posted by:  Steve McGrath (
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004


I've installed the latest snapshot version of Indy 9 on my D7. The location
of the files after running fulld7.bat is d:\libs\indy9\d7 and I've installed
the bpl package from there. According to the readme.txt:

"In Delphi 6.0 and C++Builder 6.0, Indy should be listed in your path before
standard Borland RTL Paths."

However there is nothing in the readme at all about D7. Is there an optimal
place in my library path to list Indy? Everything is working fine at the
moment with no errors and I have D:\libs\indy9\d7 listed in my library path
below all the paths beginning with $(DELPHI).