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Subject: Re: PDF Attachment get corrupted
Posted by:  Richard Bergmans (richa…
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004


I forgot to mention I work with Delphi 6 Update pack 2 and Indy components


Richard Bergmans

"Richard Bergmans" <richa…> schreef in bericht
> Hi,
> When I retrieve an email message with a PDF attachment. The PDF attachment
> gets corrupted.
> By retrieving the mail in outlook al goes OK, but when I use the idPOP
> component in combination with the idMessage
> The PDF attachment gets corrupted.
> When I take a look in this PDF file, I see some added . (dots)  in
> comparison with the original. When I remove these extra dots, the PDF can
> opened without any errors.
> Has anyone an idea why or how these extra dots are added by the Indy
> component, and how I can resolve this ?
> Thanx in advance,
> Richard Bergmans



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PDF Attachment get corrupted posted by Richard Bergmans on Fri, 16 Jan 2004