Current Indy10 on Delphi 7

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Subject: Current Indy10 on Delphi 7
Posted by:  mattias fagerlund (matti…
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004

Hiya Indies!

I've downloaded both the zip version and the Team Coherence version of
Indy10, and it took hours (literally) to be able to compile it. One major
obstacle for me was that the dpks were set to explicit compile - so when I
tried to change the following bug;

    constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); reintroduce; overload; // Note -
no virtual

Delphi just never caught on - because I wasn't explicitly re-building
IndySystem70.dpk (the error occurs when trying to compile one of the other
packages when TIdBaseComponent should have it's create overriden).

Aaanyway, I'm sure you're well aware of all the "errors" I ran across so I
won't bore you with that, the errors were mainly due to the fact that the
code wasn't in synch - files had changed names but they were still being
included using the old name (which won't work, obviously). IdGlobal /
IdCoreGlobal for instance.

What I'd like to ask is - is there a way to check out a functioning version
of Indy10, or do I wait until it stabilizes? Perhaps the next time it all at
least compiles, you could drop another version label?