SMTP Client for AOL users

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Subject: SMTP Client for AOL users
Posted by:  Malcolm (malcolm@spam.will.bounce)
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004


I am having trouble getting AOL users' email working from my app.
I haver tried a couple of different methods (not Indy), which work
fine for the usual email clients, but the best I have managed for AOL
is to get the local email client app to open.  But with no To:,
Title:, Message:, or Attachment: data.

I am already using the IdFTPClient in the app and will gladly use
IdSMTP if anyone can give me a clue how to get it configured to work
with AOL as well as the 'ordinary' ones.  My AOL users don't seem to
be able to supply their smtp server settings.  Is there a way to
'find' them?

Is there another solution?