Stumped by : Multiple declarations for 'fd_set'

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Subject: Stumped by : Multiple declarations for 'fd_set'
Posted by:  Crimson Rider (rid…
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004

I have been using Indy for quite a while now, but for some reason now
whenever I try to compile something with Indy the error counter ticks out a
26 and I am pointed to the following piece of code in Winsock2.h

typedef struct fd_set {
        u_int fd_count;              /* how many are SET? */
        SOCKET  fd_array[FD_SETSIZE];  /* an array of SOCKETs */
} fd_set;

It tells me : Multiple declarations for 'fd_set'

The same happens for timeval, hostent, netent, servent, protoent, in_addr,
sockadd_in and quite a few others.

What is happening here ?