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Subject: Re: BCB beginner mailclient
Posted by:  Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu (cp…
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004

"Marly nieuws" <marl…> wrote in
> Hello i m trying to code email client in my programm. Works fine, just
> Message and SMTP component .. filling data and here we go. BUT.... I
> have no idea how to attach an attachment to my mails. The demo is Pascal
> and as a beginner BCB user I canNOT read the pascal code. Who can
> provide me with a BCB sample that sends a mail WITH attachment. Thank
> you very much

TIdAttachmentFile.Create(LMsg-->MessageParts, "<path and filename here>");

Thats for 10, 9 is similar IIRC.



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BCB beginner mailclient posted by Marly nieuws on Sun, 15 Feb 2004