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Subject: Re: Using TIdMesage.LoadFromStream
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004

"Christian Kaufmann" <christian.kaufma…> wrote in message

> I want to use TIdMessage.LoadFromStream to read all
> emails from a Mozilla mail file.

I do not think that LoadFromStream() supports streams with multiple messages
contained inside of it.  Each message should be in its own stream.

> I already fail to read the first email from the file. The call
> to LoadFrom Stream never returns, except when I set
> HeadersOnly to true.

Are the messages delimited with a trailing "." in between them?  Without
that, LoadFromStream() continues waiting for data endlessly.

> Then I read that LoadFromStream does not change the
> position in my file steam.

It should be, since the reading simply calls TStream.Read() when needed,
which always increments the Position.

> But how do I know the size of the email read in
> order to update the file stream position to read the next email ?

If the Position really is not being incremented, then you would probably
have to parse the file stream manually.

> I use Indy 9.0.11 and D6

You are using an older version of Indy.  Try upgrading to the latest
snapshot version of 9.0.14.



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